About Chef Icon

Chef Icon came into existence in 2008. The company’s vision was to present a sincere form of “natural” food, moving away from artificial ingredients to recover a reverence for nature. Carefully refining recipes and baking methods over the years, the company’s founders decided to pursue this dream of bringing the benefits of nature baking to everyone.

The character of Chef Icon’s products are their simplicity in appearance yet richness in the results of labour-intensive handmade processes. Depth in taste, aroma and texture are a distinctive feature of Chef Icon’s products, which are anchored in the principles of Avina Neutro.

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Our Principle

Today, our bakery crafts healthy products by not adding artificial colourings and flavourings, perservatives, animal meat, rennet and gelatin, margarine, MSG, chemical bread improvers and alcohol.

Our products are suitable for muslim and vegetarian.

  • “Chef Icon is another gem in Kampong Bahru.”

    Tanjong Pagar Guide
    November 2011

  • “Dietitians who are fond of reciting the age-old adage "All foods can fit into a healthy diet", you have found a new ally, for this nature bakery seems to encompass the best health mantra today.”

    July 2010

  • “シンガポール在住のチョコレートケーキ好きな方、 これはかなりおススメです!!”

    September 2010

  • “The original Chocolate Trovana had all the hallmarks of a good chocolate cake. It was delightfully dense and rich… pure decadence.”

    Castles In The Air
    August 2010

  • “Luscious layers of French dark chocolate for warm, intense mouthful, yielding a slightly bitter aftertaste, the hallmark of all fine chocolate cakes.”

    October 2013

  • “If you want to eat World class top brand dark chocolate cake you gotta try Chef Icon's cake.”

    December 2009

  • “Hokkaido Roll (Strawberry Cream with Fresh Strawberries!!!) - The sponge is light, but yet dense in a nice way. Once you open the cover, you can smell the aroma of it!!!”

    Ms Nikkolette
    May 2010

  • “The layers of chocolate mousse and chocolate cake together with the rich chocolate ganache formed a heavenly combination... Possibly the best chocolate cake I’ve tasted in a long while.”

    March 2013